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Emily Jane Whiteley - Founder of Emily Jane's Foods
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During my experiences with ill health I decided to go back to eating simple, healthy food, using only fresh and natural ingredients.

After sharing my story and speaking to others about theirs, Emily Jane’s Foods was born, as a way for me to share my story, lifestyle and food with others.

Emily Jane’s Foods is all about going back to basics. Getting rid of highly processed, chemical foods, grains, high sugar products and instead replacing these foods with fresh, natural, wholesome foods including fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts and seeds to provide healthy alternatives to otherwise unhealthy foods.

The foods I produce are grain free, refined sugar free and so are naturally gluten free and low in carbohydrate, making them suitable for many ranges of diet requirements, (such as; Atkins, Paleolithic, Primal, Caveman diet, Dukan Diet, Marshall Protocol diet, SCD and more) individual lifestyles, as well as anyone who loves real and delicious food!

Please visit my website to read my story, view my products and learn more about Emily Jane’s Foods™, www.emilyjanesfoods.com.
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